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When your business changes, so do your payroll needs. 

Client Centered

Payroll Services Completed with Ease & Precision

Thinking outside the box starts here. With decades of combined experience in payroll, we can provide solutions to handle your payroll in ways that you—or even other payroll companies—may not ever think up. We take the burden of extra clerical duties from you and your staff to save you time, money, and headaches. You'll start saving right away simply by outsourcing the time-consuming task of processing payroll yourself—and on top of that, the savings multiply as we put our payroll expertise to use streamlining the process, reducing errors, and navigating the tax and legal landscape to keep you in compliance while avoiding unnecessary expenses. 

BRENDON PIERSON, INC. Payroll Services offers a cost-effective basic payroll which includes check processing and customized reports, and we also provide a full range of optional services you can choose for further customization or select only specific services. 

Support, Support, Support

With BRENDON PIERSON, INC., you get one dedicated representative for all your service-related needs. Plus, you gain on-demand access to HR professionals who provide guidance on state- and industry-specific labor laws, provide customizable documents and respond quickly to important issues.

Payroll Your Way

Looking for an easier way to process payroll or time and attendance? Time to sort out workers’ compensation or start offering a 401(k)?  Our complete, web-based workforce management solution can be customized to suit your business needs as they evolve.

Safety First (and Always)

Banking, benefit programs and insurance providers all need secure access to your payroll data. Thanks to our superior technology and built-in electronic filing system, they have it. Nothing is more important to us than the security of your business and your data.

Features That Benefit Every Business

Features That Benefit Every Business

Our business is built on a foundation of thoughtful client relationships.

Payroll + HR

Our HR Support Center provides on-demand access to HR professionals, customizable documents for hiring, management and payroll, and personalized alerts about legal and regulatory changes. We’ll even send you updates on state and federal labor laws, including a new poster each year to help you stay compliant.

Time & Attendance

Easily track hours your employees work via manual punches, badges or biometric technologies. You can also build and monitor schedules, manage every aspect of paid time off, and create reports for labor, overtime, exceptions, absences and more. 

Integrated Solutions

You need a payroll solution that can cover all your bases now—and in the future. BRENDON PIERSON, INC. integrations include time and attendance, time-clocks, 401(k), general ledger and accounting systems, and workers’ compensation.

Payroll Tax Management

BRENDON PIERSON, INC. offers a wide range of reporting capabilities to help you manage your payroll taxes and stay compliant. With our information hub, you can easily see all of your withholdings for the year, from social security and health benefits to workers’ compensation and unemployment.

Pre-Employment Solutions

Post jobs, collect applications, schedule and conduct interviews, and monitor candidates with applicant tracking. Get new hires up to speed with our onboarding system. And potentially save thousands in tax credits with Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) screening.

ACA Reporting

We’ll help you take care of everything from preparing to printing to filing required forms. You can track employee health insurance eligibility and determine “large employer” status with our ACA reporting tool and get additional help from our HR Support Center and HR On-Demand.

Benefits Administration

Thanks to our integrations, pushing new hire info, benefit-related payroll deductions and employee updates to your payroll system is a quick snap of the finger. You can even update open enrollment deductions in real time—no more duplicate entries or manual keying errors.