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Risk-Managed Investing

What is Risk, and How is it Managed?

When it comes to finances and investments, risk refers to the amount of uncertainty or potential financial loss associated with an investment decision. Different types of investments have different degrees of inherent risk and return potential. 

Risk tolerance refers to each individual’s level of comfort with fluctuations in a portfolio. Most often, higher risk can result in higher reward, but it can also result in larger fluctuation in value of your assets.  Risk tolerance is best defined as a spectrum - investors at one end of the spectrum are risk-averse, preferring to make investment decisions with minimal risk because they want to protect their assets. On the other end of the spectrum are investors with very high-risk tolerance. These individuals may choose to make riskier investments due to the higher probability of a larger return on investment. 

Risk-managed investing is an investment strategy aimed at attaining the most return for the lowest level of risk.  This is an important factor in investing because it will reduce losses during a bearish market cycles while still participating in the upside during bullish market cycles.  This strategy also provides insights as to the best times to deploy cash into investments and when to protect capital, another key element in investment risk management.

Our Approach to Risk Management

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to investing and investment management. At BRENDON PIERSON, INC., we provide dynamic risk-managed strategies that can be utilized to respond to shifting market environments. This is achieved by our multi-angle approach to portfolio management. BRENDON PIERSON, INC. utilizes investment strategies that incorporate asset diversification along with risk management techniques.

The BRENDON PIERSON, INC. investment strategy was constructed to build and protect wealth by providing consistent returns with less risk than industry standard portfolios. Our investment team achieves this goal by continually tracking market conditions, discussing market trends, adapting to changes, and re-allocating portfolios accordingly. Our clients can have confidence in knowing their portfolios are not the result of past legacy decisions, but are a deliberate result of fresh insights and the calculated investment risk management customized for their individual needs and goals.

Our team also understands the balance of investment risk and return is a personal choice based on your financial position and goals. Partnering with the BRENDON PIERSON, INC. team can help you understand and explore your personal risk tolerance. Guided exploration makes it easier to make investment decisions that align with your risk tolerance and preferences. Our clients understand investing is a collaborative process with agreed upon up-front risk and return targets. As a regulated fiduciary advisor, we are held to a high standard of care and embrace this duty by placing the interests of our clients first.

Our Investment Management Process

Our process begins and ends with you, the client. Serving clients successfully for more than 30 years has taught us we must always keep your goals top of mind. Here is our simple process for establishing an investment management relationship:

  1. Call to schedule an introductory appointment.
  2. Attend an exploratory meeting during which we can gather a clear picture of your current financial condition as well as your goals.
  3. Attend a solution meeting during which we present our recommendations and finalize goals for your financial well-being.
  4. Complete Onboarding and Account Opening paperwork to begin growing your assets.
  5. Meet regularly to assess your portfolio's performance against market benchmarks to provide an objective evaluation of how well we performed and to learn how we can better serve you.

Partner with BRENDON PIERSON, INC.   for Exceptional Risk-Managed Investment  Services

If you are ready to discover the benefits of an investment management relationship with BRENDON PIERSON, INC., set up your initial exploratory meeting today. These meetings are designed to determine if an investment management relationship is the right fit for both you and our team. We will spend time getting to know you, your story and your goals, and you’ll be able to ask us questions about our process.  Please call us at 732-681-4800 to make an appointment – we look forward to working with you!